I close the cottage door with a soft click and turn onto the road that leads past cottages and bungalows.  The smell of hot earth and sun-scorched hay stubble settles over the village’s fields and lanes, where wilting scarlet poppies congregate. Before the small hump-backed bridge, I turn right, feel prickles of dry grass through […]

Autumn Swans

I am waiting For Bewick’s swans migrating After summer mating In windy Arctic wastes, Blowing in snow clouds from the north, Below them, glow of autumnal earth. Quite soon, A gentle trumpeting will fill the sky, Heralding cloud-white cheeks and breasts, And winter wildness. © Kim M. Russell, 2016 Image found on www.telegraph.co.uk My poem for imaginary […]

The Forgiveness of Nature

In metallic forests Of the industrial hinterland Foul stacks loom And belch blue flares, Orange aureoles radiate From steel spires, Stinking clouds mushroom From smoking fires In the poisonous laboratories Of environmental Armageddon. When the chemical onslaught is over, Factories and chimneys will disappear. Nature will return, filling the hollows Formed by mining year on […]