Autumn Swans

I am waiting
For Bewick’s swans migrating
After summer mating
In windy Arctic wastes,
Blowing in snow clouds from the north,
Below them, glow of autumnal earth.
Quite soon,
A gentle trumpeting will fill the sky,
Heralding cloud-white cheeks and breasts,
And winter wildness.

© Kim M. Russell, 2016


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My poem for imaginary garden with real toads Tuesday Platform

20 thoughts on “Autumn Swans

  1. “glow of autumnal earth” “trumpeting will fill the sky’ “winter wildness” — Beautiful images, an autumn/winter melody that indeed makes me long for the seasons I love most. Enchanting poem, Kim. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Such magnificent creature. We had a pair of swans on the water hazard outside our place at Palm Desert. Years ago, the female got hit by a car and more recently, the male got cold-cocked by a poorly driven golf ball. I can still see it lying there, and it hurts.

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