Meditation on a Leaf

My head fills with chlorophyll,
green blood of a mesophyll,
as I follow ants and flies
on microscopic journeys.

Rain-blessed and windblown,
leaves leave my mind blown,
ecstatic with a peaceful heart,
each vein a karmic chart.

Kim M. Russell, 6th August 2019

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My response to dVerse Poets Pub Poetics: Mindfulness, also linked to Imaginary garden with Real Toads Tuesday Platform

Linda is our host this week and she wants us to think about the things we do to purify our minds, put our souls at peace, ease our hearts and become more MINDFUL.  She asks if we meditate, pray, drink tea, write or dance naked in the rain – so many possibilities. She tells us that the seed for this prompt was planted by a tiny book of Edgar Cayce readings called Think on These Things and she has shared a quote from the book, as well as a poem by Frederick Buechner and one by Rumi to inspire us.

47 thoughts on “Meditation on a Leaf

    1. That;s the wonderful thing about leave, Grace, they’re all different. We’re not even halfway through August yet and some of the leaves on our cherry tree have turned pale orange.


  1. I once wrote a poe called CHLOROPUSCLE, and it resonated in a similar terrain. I claimed that’s earth’s blood is green. A backyard or garden is a great place fr cognitive purification.

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