Daisies After the Storm

around the mansion
daisies standing strong together
after the storm

Chèvrefeuille, 2012

around the mansion
a common constellation
twinkling in the grass

daisies standing strong together
pregnant with pollen
refreshed by raindrops

after the storm
welcome hum of honeybees
ichorous sunshine

Kim M. Russell, 7th August 2019

Image result for daisies plump with pollen and raindrops
Image found on Pinterest

My response to Carpe Diem #1719 Daisies: Troiku challenge

Daisies are today’s flower prompt and the challenge is to create a troiku from a given haiku.

6 thoughts on “Daisies After the Storm

  1. after the storm
    welcome hum of honeybees
    ichorous sunshine

    – now that’s an very intriguing word choice: ichorous …. hmmm …. I’m a bit on the fence with it … but actually am more smitten than not …. it holds a certain independent vibration from the honeybees’ hum … but I think it is rather a brilliant choice Kim …. how fascinating. 🙂

    lovely troiku – you’ve created a story from 3 rather separate lines – their identities, when pulled apart from the whole, are quite “odd” for haiku – but you’ve done it very well 🙂


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