Sea Threat

Miles from the shore,
we sleep secure,
drifting on dreams
like boats or moonbeams,
undisturbed by the sound
of waves or shifting ground.

On the coast, rocky reefs,
laced with cuffs of sand
and foam, protect the land,
waver with the ebb and flow,
the pull of undertow,
resist the locomotion
of the powerful ocean.

Away from the distant shore,
in dreams we hear the snore
of the ancient behemoth
raging beneath the froth.

Kim M. Russell, 7th August 2019

Image result for paintings and artwork coastal erosion Pinterest
Image by unknown artist found on Pinterest

My response to Poets United Midweek Motif: Safety

Susan is back this Wednesday with a selection of quotations and poems on the theme of safety. She asks whether we have or offer safety, a reasonable amount of safety, or a ‘feeling of safety’, and challenges us to write a new poem that gives us an experience of safety, a lack of safety, or a change from one to the other.

23 thoughts on “Sea Threat

  1. The sea! It’s a growing behemoth for sure, and distance may not be safety for much longer. And yet, this poem gives an unhurried pace, the sound and tremor as a steady reminder. And I am still drawn to the sea!

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  2. Yes, at the shore is where I find utter peace and safety (as long as I dont think about tsunamis, lol. I loved this poem. Lovely imagery.

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    1. I’ve seen the destructive power of the sea along the North Norfolk coast; we lose several feet of cliff and houses every year, but I still love walking on the beach.


  3. Wow stunning poem Love how the rocky reef “resist the locomotion of the powerful ocean.” Gives you a feeling of power, even though the monster is lurking under the froth.

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  4. I’m engulfed. I had to look up behemoth. Turns out I was right in what I thought it was. A disturbance to such an idyllic scene.

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