Woken by a Summer Night

White hot lightning
flashes through the blinds,
a celestial photographer
illuminating crumpled sheets
twisted with the lack of sleep.
Fiddling with volume control,
clouds amplify and dull
thunder’s rock and roll,
rattling roof tiles and wooden
blinds like xylophones.
Beside the bed, a glass of tepid
water whirlpools with vibrations.

Kim M. Russell, 30th July 2019

Image result for free images thunder and lightning over Dilham

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Poetics: Hot time in ye ole pub tonight! also linked to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Tuesday Platform

Lillian is our host for this week’s Poetics. She’s been thinking about the word ‘temperature’ and how she’s related to that word across continents, moods and years.

Our poems for today’s poetics should relate to the word temperature. No need to include the word in our poems – but we must be able to easily figure out how poems relate to the word ‘temperature’.

41 thoughts on “Woken by a Summer Night

  1. Oh Kim…..this includes the idea of temperature so well….and also includes some excellent auditory words as well. I especiall love the glass of tepid water turning into a whirlpool from the vibrations. So much great imagery here….I’m in the middle of a summer night’s storm!

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    1. Thank you, Lill! We’ve had a few raucous storms recently. Today it’s been hot and windy, with a fairly cool evening so hopefully I’ll get some sleep.


  2. Nice! We frequently have thunder boomers in the summer, in the extreme heat, here. I like that the tepid water vibrates with the vibrations of the thunder. Sometimes I think the thunder will cause our little brick house to shimmy shake itself to death.

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    1. We had two in close succession and I loved every minute! However, there is always the fear of being struck – it’s happened twice since we’ve been here, with damage to TV and computer on both occasions. I switch everything off when a storm’s coming.


  3. Poor Babies !!! People tell me in the mornings of the storms of the nights. I never hear them, I sleep through. But I know this well told scene, especially on hearing from from a light sleeper granddaughter.

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  4. Mother Nature sure knows how to put on a light show. I love that little bit about how the storm was strong enough to get a reaction from normally still waters.

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