A Seuss Kind of Spring

In the first days of spring, when night’s frost melts in seconds,
a heron streaks upstream, where the seed heads are darkened;
they are weighted by rain as it drifts in a flurry,
milky air lining grass blades. We are not in a hurry.
We are dancing and singing on dew-pearly meadows
and we’re waiting for sunshine to dance among shadows.

There are blossoms just ready to pop into flower,
in the fields there are babies born every hour,
and the breeze plays a song in the boughs as it scurries
and tangles in petals. We are not in a hurry.
We are dancing and singing on dew-pearly meadows
and we’re waiting for sunshine to dance among shadows.

Kim M. Russell, 22nd April 2021

The Lorax Mural | Dr seuss art, Dr seuss images, Dr seuss illustration

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My response to dVerse Poets Pub Meeting the Bar: Hopscotch with Anapestic Tetrameter

Björn is back this week with a prompt on meter and today we are not going to walk like adults but hopscotch, like children in spring, with anapests: two unstressed syllables followed by one stressed, da-da-DAM, a meter used in limericks. Anapestic tetrameter means that we have four stressed syllables on each line (so each line has twelve syllables).

Björn has given us examples from Dr Seuss, Eminem and a poem of his own to inspire us to to try our hands at writing in this meter. We can do it with or without rhymes; break up our 12 syllable lines; and we can add little flaws. It doesn’t have to be funny, but we should listen for the hopscotch rhythm.

39 thoughts on “A Seuss Kind of Spring

  1. I love your Seussian image of spring, Kim: it’s fun and lighthearted but also reflects the seriousness of the yearning I think many people have been feeling: that last line sums up the mood of this spring perfectly for me. Also your use of half-rhyme makes the whole thing flow beautifully.

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    1. Thank you, Ingrid! I ventured out on my own today for the first time in ages. I had to take Mojo to the vet and pick up a book from the library. I was astonished at the number of people and the amount of traffic. Everyone seemed to be out on the Broads enjoying the sunshine.

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      1. She had her claws clipped. They grow very long and she gets caught in the carpet and upholstery. During the first lockdown, one of her claws grew into her paw. I have proper clippers but I’m afraid I might hurt her.

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    1. Thank you! I think pretty much everyone feels like that after the last year. But we’re not in the clear yet. I ‘m sticking to a frolic in the garden for now. 🙂


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