Rain Rhymes  

It’s raining dogs and cats
all along the east coast,
with a cow-quaker warning
followed by a goose fair morning.

We’re getting soaked with drizzle
and bored with all the mizzle.
We don’t want a hurly-burly
to get us out of bed too early.

Why does the sky cry?
She hung her grey clouds out to dry.
When the sun has soaked up all the rain,
she’ll hang them out to dry again.

Kim M. Russell, 25th April 2018

Image result for old paintings and illustrations of children and rain Pinterest
Image found on Pinterest

My response to The Poetry School NaPoWriMo prompt for Day 25: Poems for Children

This morning we have a fun prompt: Ali would like us to write poems for children. He says that it helps to have an age in mind when we write. He also gives us a couple of traps to avoid. Firstly, we mustn’t suddenly decide to write like Victorians and, secondly, we should try to avoid moralising.

Our  example poems are ‘From a Railway Carriage’, from Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic A Child’s Garden of Verses, ‘Falling Up’ by Shel Silverstein and a poem written by a child, ‘The Tiger’ by Nael, age 6.

I love rain and rain rhymes. It’s been raining all day and I thought playing around with different words for stormy or rainy weather would be fun.


A cow quaker is a May storm in England that occurs ‘after the cows have been turned out’
A goose fair morning is a bright but cool daybreak.
Mizzle is a mixture of mist and drizzle.
A hurly-burly is a storm.

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