sandy footprints fade promises echo in echo in shells holiday romance Kim M. Russell, 2018 My response to Carpe Diem’s Romancing Haiku #1 beach For this first episode of Carpe Diem’s new feature Romancing Haiku, the theme is ‘the beach’.

Self-portrait in front of a misty mirror

The glass is cold to touch, fogged up with early morning bathroom steam. A drop of condensation rolls from top to bottom, clearing worm-holes where pupil matches pupil. Nose as close as glass allows before my breath steams up the gap, I see her eye, the cerulean I would drown in as a child, the […]

The Devil’s Among Us

‘But soon the devil’s among us flesh and fell’, taken from ‘The Ballad Of Villon And Fat Madge’ by François Villon Let us arise from our drunken pit and savour every element of spring: the burst of every flowering bud; the first silvery notes of mating birds; the drowsy hum of the first bumblebee – […]