A Charmless Full Moon

The trees were silent on that windless full-moon night,
no charm to guard a newborn,
just misty frippery frosting the branches.

No bats or owls will fly
when faeries clutter up the sky,
dancing with souls, adept
at stealing human children
and avoiding confrontation.

Let the moon shine on ‘til morning
while I lullaby my violet-eyed changeling.

Kim M. Russell, 21st April 2019


My response to The Poetry School NaPoWriMo prompt for Day 21: Word Association (Redux)

Ali has given us another slight reinterpretation of a prompt from last year. From a list of ten words he would like us – quickly, without thinking about it – to scribble down words we associate with each one of them and then use our ten new words in our poems, one per line. If we’re up for a challenge, we should use the words in the order in which we have them and, for more flexibility, we can use them in any order.

I had time to think about this one while I was on the train last night. It was the moon that reminded me of the night I went into labour all those years ago.

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