The Gorgon’s Wedding

A hiss of hair uncoils from its lavish cageof silk and lace. She guards her stare,lowers turquoise lids, coated lashes brushpale powered skin. Friends and familygather, and then he’s standing therewith his best man, in matching corsagesand the darkest sunglasses. He turns to herwith a smile and love lights up her eyes.The murmur in the […]

April Wedding

blossoming plum trees soaked by showery breeze wedding confetti Kim M. Russell, 25th March 2019 My response to Carpe Diem #1633 Wedding In today’s episode of ‘A New Route Leaving Kumano Kodo’ we have another modern kigo for spring, taken from A Dictionary of Haiku: ‘wedding’. We’ve been given a couple of examples of haiku […]

Medusa’s Wedding

A hiss of hair uncoils from its lavish cage of silk and lace, interwoven with gold and silver threads. She guards her stare, lowers turquoise lids, her coated lashes brush pale powered skin. Friends and family gather in the registry office hall and she has a sinking feeling, a foreshadow of tragedy. Then he’s standing […]


She inhales the musky pungent blend of henna mud and turmeric curling from the sun in the palm of her hand, curlicues and russet rings circling her fingers. Intricate tattoos tiptoe on her feet to meet her groom’s initials concealed beneath a silken sari of yellow, the spicy colour signifying spiritual well-being and a prosperous […]

The Wedding Dress

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Form-For-All/Meeting the Bar; Décima I accompanied my only daughter to her first wedding dress fitting yesterday, which inspired me to write the following decima. Naturally, I can’t include a picture of the dress, so I here’s one of my daughter as a toddler!   You, in a champagne froth of […]