The Wedding Dress

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Form-For-All/Meeting the Bar; Décima

I accompanied my only daughter to her first wedding dress fitting yesterday, which inspired me to write the following decima. Naturally, I can’t include a picture of the dress, so I here’s one of my daughter as a toddler!


You, in a champagne froth of lace

Of embroidered intricacy

And teardrop pearls, swim before me.

I only recognise your face;

As a woman, I’m out of place,

But as a mother deep inside

I feel an overwhelming pride.

Once a changeling with violet eyes,

You’ve blossomed as I realise

My only daughter is a bride


© Kim M. Russell, 2016


20 thoughts on “The Wedding Dress

  1. Oh, this is very touching. You have portrayed so well the feelings of accompanying your daughter as she chooses a wedding dress…..and looking back at how quickly time past since the time she was a ‘changeling with violet eyes.’

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  2. Kim, this decimal is astonishingly good; perfect form & heartfelt, touching message–very impressive. Weddings can be a bit by the numbers, so yes, read the sonnet & the decima. It will be the highlight of the event.

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  3. It’s hard to imagine, when they’re as little as she was in the photo, how much they will grow and what will eventually come. I hope you share this poem with your daughter…maybe read it at her wedding reception!

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  4. Lovely and touching poem. I’m sure your daughter looked beautiful at the fitting, and she’ll be even more beautiful on her wedding day. Both of my daughters have married in the last couple of years–it’s a very special time. Hope you enjoy it!

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