The Gorgon’s Wedding

A hiss of hair uncoils from its lavish cage
of silk and lace. She guards her stare,
lowers turquoise lids, coated lashes brush
pale powered skin. Friends and family
gather, and then he’s standing there
with his best man, in matching corsages
and the darkest sunglasses. He turns to her
with a smile and love lights up her eyes.
The murmur in the room becomes a moan
as the wedding guests are turned to stone.

Kim M. Russell, 5th April 2022

Medusa by Arnold Böcklin, circa 1878 – image found on Wikipedia

I enjoy myths and legends, so today’s prompt grabbed my imagination. We are writing poems about mythical people or creatures doing something unusual. For example, what does Hercules do when he loses a sock in the dryer? If a mermaid wants to pick up rock-climbing as a hobby, how does she do that? What happens when a mountain troll makes pancakes? And then I remembered something I wrote six years ago that fits the bill but needed some work on it.

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