Sowing Sunflowers

Seeds in a child’s hands, hard with zebra bands, are a long way from wind-swept fields, where Fibonacci yields are soon dispersed below a cloudburst of birds. In the garden, we hoe and then we sow our own. At night, we dream of tournesols. Kim M. Russell, 3rd May 2021 Image by Todd Trapani on […]

A Series of Sunflowers

my daughter’s gardenbeneath giant tournesolsa smile of sunshine Vincent’s sunflowersthe only remaining lightin a grey landscape October raindropsthe last of the sunflowersdisappearing Kim M. Russell, 13th October 2020             My response to Carpe Diem Celebrates Its 8th Anniversary October 2020: Carpe Diem #1834 sunflowers Today’s flash-back into Carpe Diem’s rich […]

Late Developers

Those late developers stare with dull, black, accusing eyes,pale leaves still strive for the sun’s weakening rays, flowers that should track summer shiver into autumn days. Might they warm themselves on their own golden gaze? Still closed in sulky pouts in early morning haze,have they the strength to open in a blaze? Time casts longer shadows, […]

Sunflowers at Dawn – May Tan Renga

in the light of dawn sunflowers reach to the blue sky praising their Creator                               © Chèvrefeuille Fibonacci spiral eyes track the sun from east to west              Kim M. Russell, 2017 Image found on Pinterest My response to Carpe Diem Tan Renga Challenge Month 2017 #19 in the light of dawn In the last episode […]

Painting by Numbers

Painting from early morning, with the gusto of a New Yorker a Glaswegian a Marseillais eating a haggis a hot dog a bouillabaisse, the artist tried to beat the August heat before his still life wilted. Applying chrome yellow with textured impasto, he was determined to paint them all in one go. Now the tournesols […]

Who Knows Where?

My response to HBHATNAGAR Two Phrase Story #28 Hbhatnagar provides the first phrase and you complete the sentence and we see in how many different directions one thought can be taken. Today’s phrase: ‘A gentle zephyr blew…’ My attempt ‘…pollen of a thousand sunflowers across the landscape, to bloom who knows where.’ Image found on Your […]