They explored the bridges of Madison County and each other, body and soul, to a soundtrack of crickets, rustling wheat fields, tyres on dusty roads, and jazz. Days were filled with sunlight, longing and an evening of candlelight. Heaven’s persuasion in a bullying downpour drew her eyes to the truck, cross swinging from the rear-view […]

Selma the Cryptic Cryptid

A cryptic cryptid, Selma’s obscured in the icy depths of Lake Seljord through the long, dark Norwegian winters. She surfaces during hot, quiet summers, playing hide and seek in the fjords, searching for love with an elusive mate, another ferocious monster of the lake. Kim M. Russell, 17th January 2019 My response to Imaginary Garden […]

Back from the Deep

A word wrestles between twisted lips, eyes are sunken like two wrecked ships and her nose erupts from a festering face. Dragging behind her a fisherman’s net, hauntingly humming the Flower Duet, she staggers along the pitch-black shore. Studded with limpets and barnacles, lashed with seaweed and pinned with corals, she’s draped in a lacy […]

In the canteen…

the women from the shop floor compare notes – the new fore- man’s cute. They speculate whether he’s available and watch together as he approaches the counter. The girl behind the steaming urn eyes him up as he waits his turn, smiles and flutters lashes like spiders’ legs, gives him an extra helping of scrambled […]