Painting by Numbers

Painting from early morning,
with the gusto of

  1. a New Yorker
  2. a Glaswegian
  3. a Marseillais


  1. a haggis
  2. a hot dog
  3. a bouillabaisse,

the artist tried to beat
the August heat
before his still life wilted.

Applying chrome yellow
with textured impasto,
he was determined to paint
them all in one go.

Now the tournesols
are faded, browning parasols;
reacting to pigments in sunlight,
his sunflowers are no longer bright.

Kim M. Russell, 2017


My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Out of Standard: Multiple Choice

Isadora has set us a challenge to defy the conventions of a particular theme and find new places in the everyday: to write a poem in the form of a multiple choice test.  The whole poem could be a test, or we could insert a multiple choice somewhere in the normal structure of a poem.  She has provided links to two examples from her blog, which we can use as a starting point, keeping in mind that, as in every challenge, poems must be newly written for this challenge.

20 thoughts on “Painting by Numbers

  1. Well done, Kim! I loved how you inserted the quiz in a way that defines all the possible choices for the narrator and then dove into how that translates into painting and colors. Viva la and thanks for posting to the out of standard.

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