monochrome keepsake
reflections of happy days
floating on water
melting into memory
her voice merely a ripple
in deepest shadows of dreams

Kim M. Russell, 2017



My response to dVerse Poets Pub Open Link Night

For today’s Open Link Night, which is hosted by Grace, I’m trying out a Bussokusekika, a Japanese poetic form that follows the rules of tanka, except there are three seven syllable lines that end the poem for a 5-7-5-7-7-7, which was introduced by Toni in a previous dVerse Poets Pub post. I took an eerie photo as inspiration.

40 thoughts on “Together

    1. It’s just the tail end now but it was pretty hairy earlier on today. My daughter Ellen took her two dogs out to Pewley Down in Guildford and made the mistake of walking through the woods. I was bricking it until she phoned to tell me she’d got home safely! Hope you’re all safe and warm xxx

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      1. Glad your daughter got back safely and that you are all OK. We are all fine here, the wind was not as strong up here yesterday and today was a calm day. I hope you will all stay warm and enjoy the rest of your evening :o) xxx

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    1. You’re right, Toni. Without the picture, that’s the meaning. I’ve been waiting for a chance to try out that form since you introduced it. Hope you’re OK. xxx


  1. Eerie photo — haunting words. “Melting into memory” … that is such a mysterious process, right?
    Was not familiar with this form. Wrote it in my journal so I might try it some time. Thanks for introducing it to me!

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