Winter Knitting

Mornings are for writing
any time of year;
early light and birdsong
inspire images and words.
But on winter evenings,
when chilly draughts
catch me unawares,
knitting needles and a ball
of brightly coloured yarn
keep me cheered and warm.
Their gentle click is comforting
and I enjoy the counting
of stitches and rows
that keeps me on my toes.

Kim M. Russell, 31st July 2019

Winter Knitting

My response to Poets United Midweek Motif: not-so-old-fashioned hobbies

Magaly is looking after us with this midweek motif while Susan is having a little break. The prompt is not-so-old-fashioned hobbies, inspired by her reaction to a pamphlet that calls gardening, baking, sewing, dancing and poetry writing “old-fashioned hobbies”!

Magaly asks us to write new poems about not-so-old-fashioned hobbies, such as gardening,  baking, sewing, dancing, candle making or poetry writing – any activities we do regularly, which bring us pleasure.

She has also shared poetic inspiration from Thomas Hood, Amy E. King and Louise Hayley.

38 thoughts on “Winter Knitting

    1. That’s the blanket I made for Lucas’s crib when he was born. I think I’ll have to knit a bigger one for the coming winter and his new room!


  1. Nice, never got further than a row of knit and purls, never understood how to form it into anything sensible, Crochet on the other hand well there in lies a comforting past time to me

    Loved your poem
    much love…

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  2. I imagine the click of the keyboard and the strokes of the letters to the clicks and strokes of the knitting needles. (I prefer writing in the mornings as well!)

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  3. I never learn to knit. It’s not the most common of pastimes in the hot-as-who-knows-what Caribbean. But I’ve always been enthralled by that knitting act, the sounds, the expressions on the knitter’s faces. I bet knitting is like writing a poem (with needle and yarn).

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  4. I used to knit. Nothing complicated just plain and purl. I gave up smoking years ago by knitting a queen size bedspread (both sides) Each square padded. Never knitted since then (1994) but still have all my wool and needles:)

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    1. I stopped over the warmer months as my fingers are stiff and hands get too sweaty, but I’m gearing up to knit my grandson a jumper for Christmas.


  5. Your poem triggered some memories. I used to knit a lot too, specially sweaters. All kinds of design I used to get from my colleagues in school. But now I have no energy left. Love your words and that cute blanket.

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  6. Oh my that’s absolutely stunning, Kim!! ❤️❤️ I especially love and resonate with; “Their gentle click is comforting.” 😀

    PS: Sorry for being so late .. new job .. completely swamped these days.. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Sanaa. ❤❤ I hope the job is going well and you’re annoying it. I saw the art work on Facebook. What age group are you teaching?


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