Cats Have Freckles Too

There are freckles on Mojo’s
sharply clawed feline paws,
one black full stop on each
punctuating her silver fur,
two sweet little hellos
tattooed above her toes
quite plainly for me to see.
It’s how I recognised her
on the day she chose me.

Kim M. Russell, 29th July 2019

Mojos Paws

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Quadrille: Freckle

Mish is our host this week, sprinkling us with summer freckles. That is our word: freckle. She says we can us is as a noun, verb or adjective: freckled, freckly, freckling, freckle-faced; or was can have a little fun with it and make up our own compound words.

42 thoughts on “Cats Have Freckles Too

    1. Thank you kindly, Toni. At the moment she’s enjoying roaming the garden. She used to come back the first time I called, now she ignores me and comes home when she feels like it!


    1. She’s becoming more adventurous in the hot weather, Jane, and Luna has been teaching her how to hunt. There’s a nest of voles in our garden that they both watch.


      1. I can’t count the number of voles Trixie’s had. She just eats them where she catches them now. I take them away from her if she brings them back. Sometimes they’re undamaged and can run away.

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      2. This morning they brought back a rather large chick and some pieces of white egg. I just hope they are nothing to do with our new neighbours’ chickens.


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