In a Dusty Window in Delft

It was Easter, we were looking for something to eat before a gig; we were tourists wandering a street, canal on one side, on the other a row of houses. Our eyes slid sideways to glimpse through windows, idle curiosity in a city we had never been before, the picturesque home of pottery and Vermeer. […]

Lockdown with Cat

I am the cat who walks by herself, proudly practising social distancing from others. I purr at the spring sun stroking my fur, while my human peers from a prison of windowpanes, longing for a friendly hug, a shared coffee and conversation. In the meantime, we’ve had to ration cat food until the next delivery. […]

Poetic Purring

At peep of morning I hear the soft pad of a poem on the bedroom floor. A darker shadow sharpens in the gloom of my room and jade gems burn amber in strengthening beams of light. Verbs of velvet paws, sharp nouns and adjectives of claws swipe and glint at dust motes forming into stanzas. […]

Outside the Window

Cat springs: an arc of fur becomes a blur from carpet to window sill. Cat lands between a vase of flowers and a photo frame, nose pressed against the pane, eyes following a fluttering flock of feathers enjoying the first sunny day of spring. Kim M. Russell, 2017 Image found on Pinterest This is my […]