Outside the Window

Cat springs:
an arc of fur
becomes a blur
from carpet to window sill.
Cat lands
between a vase of flowers
and a photo frame,
nose pressed against the pane,
eyes following
a fluttering
flock of feathers enjoying
the first sunny day of spring.

Kim M. Russell, 2017

Outside the Window

Image found on Pinterest

This is my poem for Quadrille #28 – Spring, which I am hosting over at the dVerse Poets Pub today.

The Quadrille is a poem of exactly 44 poetic words and today I have chosen ‘spring’ as the word to be included in any of Its forms. Spring can be a verb, meaning to leap, shoot up (or forth), come into being, appear, or grow. It can be a noun: water coming up out of the ground, a coil of resilient metal (for example, bed springs) and, of course, a season. It could be about something that’s springy, just as long as the 44-word poem contains some form of the word spring.

61 thoughts on “Outside the Window

  1. Ah yes, isn’t it amazing how cats can land so precisely inside in sills that most of the time they do not dislodge or knock over or knick-knacks & flower pots?

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  2. I love the ‘arc of fur from carpet to window sill’ and the precise landing without disturbing anything. One of our rescue cats used to punch everything off the sill that was in his way (we knew then why shelter staff had named him ‘Prince Nazeem’) :o)

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  3. Oh…. how I remember our cats springing! We had them when we lived in Iowa. Somehow, they could simply be standing on the floor and suddenly, like a helicopter, no running lead-in, they’d leap upward onto the counter! Our cat, Purrsalot, used to go for the freshly husked ears of uncooked sweetcorn sitting on the counter 🙂
    LOVE your words here and the photo 🙂

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      1. She was so named because we found her in the dead of winter, under a dryer vent. The steam had given her one frostbitten ear. When we picked her up and drove her in our car to our place, she never stopped purring in my lap….therefore Purrsalot! 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Victoria. Luckily, Luna doesn’t hunt too many birds, she goes after mice and baby rats, and little Mojo still hasn’t been out of the house – she is always nearby – I’m her human mum and she doesn’t like it when I put on boots and jacket. We now have plenty of birds, including pheasants and a noisy woodpecker, as well as deer in the garden – three on Sunday, chasing around. We have snowdrops and daffodils so far.

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  4. not a Spring cliche in sight with this wonderfully imaginative quadrille and a description so eloquently painted down to the last detail of fur and feather

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  5. You perfectly captured a cat spring moment. It never ceases to amaze me how they can leap and maneuver in tiny spaces without knocking things over (and then there is the occasional miscalculation…)

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  6. Ah.. my favorite pARt
    Of Cat Windows are
    broken glass with
    holes or screens
    thaT leT aLL
    the wonderful
    Cat smells oF
    Heaven.. spRinG
    iN.. A nose for kNows
    And Whiskers for getting
    through the tightest places
    oF holes iN wiNdows and screen
    as weLL.. In dreams of free smell.. once aGain..
    A SpRing
    A Meow Of LiFe FReED..:)

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