Poetic Purring

At peep of morning I hear the soft pad of a poem on the bedroom floor. A darker shadow sharpens in the gloom of my room and jade gems burn amber in strengthening beams of light. Verbs of velvet paws, sharp nouns and adjectives of claws swipe and glint at dust motes forming into stanzas. […]


That weakening old man winter still clings, a spectral presence on the river, dispersing opaque drops that shiver in the breath of a youthful spring breeze. The burgeoning season sings, a sonorous voice in shrubs and trees, chuckling and sparkling on the water, bubbling to a crescendo of simmering sunshine reflected in a swathe of […]


It’s a time of fresh beginnings now, green sap pulses in verge and bough, melting remaining morning rime: grass stands to attention by breakfast time. Invisible crayons colour in flowers and scribble blossom in naked bowers, transforming monochrome to pastel tones: sun breathes warmth into soil and bones. Boisterous birds have banished winter quiet with […]