Year’s End

The initial blast of snow that would only last an hour or so – was it a figment of the fearful mind or a tentative reminder of the rapid passing of Time? I imagine the Old Man sifting moments at his desk; the book of life opens itself and he sets about drafting the rest […]

The End and the Beginning

After the delay to summer’s end, autumn fruits and berries remind us of the taste of summer the luxurious heat the lingering light the genesis of brand new buds of spring red purple gold and brown wrapped in grey mist and the smell of leaves smoke curls from a bonfire long before the chimneys belch […]


It’s a time of fresh beginnings now, green sap pulses in verge and bough, melting remaining morning rime: grass stands to attention by breakfast time. Invisible crayons colour in flowers and scribble blossom in naked bowers, transforming monochrome to pastel tones: sun breathes warmth into soil and bones. Boisterous birds have banished winter quiet with […]