Grammar of Happiness

I remember you remember me remember when I lost my mind I remember it well making music making bread making money making my way downtown and then what and then the sun rave song and then we danced and then he kissed me poet for our times poet for hire poet for love poet wife […]

Like Marilyn

In those old photographs, I see a teenager, pale and lacking confidence, happy to allow mother or sister-in-law to take over for a while, united in womanhood, your blonde hair curled around your face, like Marilyn’s. I arrived too soon. The sparkle of the glamorous life you hoped for faded into monochrome. You grew up […]

Dancing in the Centre of a Noun

(from Carol Ann Duffy’s ‘Anne Hathaway’) Encircling all my words with his, he caressed them with a gentle touch, slipped them on as if they were a shoe, a glove, a familiar verb he desired for his own; dancing together to a melody in quadruple time, echoing the beat of hearts, we were the centre […]

Poetical Spouses

I have the honour of hosting tonight’s dVerse Poets Pub Poetics – Poetical Spouses. My challenge is inspired by Carol Ann Duffy’s collection of poems, The World’s Wife, in which she presented characters, stories, histories and myths from the point of view of the ‘women behind the men’. We are taking a character, fictional or […]