Twisted around her wrist…

a bracelet of cowslips and oxeyes, meadow flowers of summers long gone. Her refusal to add pimpernels, rubies among silver and gold, surprised me. But she was drawn with childish glee to sunny dandelions and buttercups that cast a buttery glow under her chin. So many seasons of bracelets twist around the couplet of our […]

Jane’s Flowers

depth of a flower flying away with the bee some mystery                                  Jane Reichhold depth of a flower within protective petals pollen paradise flying away with the bee a honeyed secret stolen by a breeze some mystery stored within a honeycomb Nature’s musings Kim M. Russell, 26th July 2019 My response to Carpe Diem #1711 flowers […]

Troiku Weekend

ancient warriors between battle and peace writing haiku                                               © Chèvrefeuille ancient warriors laden with armour and swords a heavy burden between battle and peace lightness of bare skin exposed to the sun writing haiku brush and ink replace the sword love instead of war Kim M. Russell, 2017   falling to the ground a flower […]


splashes of nature petals open, bloom and fall those shifting seasons Kim M. Russell, 2017 My response to Carpe Diem #1239 shifted flowers (unknown artist) In today’s episode, ‘shifted flowers’, we have a painting by an unknown artist, which Chèvrefeuille says he chose because the flowers fade into a formless scene of colours and remind […]


I was planning to bring you flowers But they fade and die You no longer see living plants In a garden Or a park So I brought you something more lasting Unusual A purple tinged succulent In a glass cube Transparent You can see the soil The moss and roots And then I saw the […]