Troiku Weekend

ancient warriors
between battle and peace
writing haiku                                               © Chèvrefeuille

ancient warriors
laden with armour and swords
a heavy burden

between battle and peace
lightness of bare skin
exposed to the sun

writing haiku
brush and ink replace the sword
love instead of war

Kim M. Russell, 2017


Image result for japanese art samurai warrior
Image found on Pinterest

falling to the ground
a flower closer to the root
bidding farewell                                         © Basho

falling to the ground
with a whispering of silk
cherry kimono

a flower closer to the root
browned by midday sun
wrinkles in the heat

bidding farewell
she is covered with blossoms
wind-plucked confetti

Kim M. Russell, 2017

Image result for japanese art fallen cherry blossom
Image found on Pinterest

My response to Carpe Diem Weekend-meditation #5 Troiku

For the first weekend-meditation of November, Chèvrefeuille has challenged us to create a Troiku, a creative way of haiku-ing which he invented in 2012. The goal is to create three haiku starting with the separated lines of a haiku. For this weekend meditation, he has chosen one of his own modern haiku and a classical haiku by Basho, with which we should create Troiku.

7 thoughts on “Troiku Weekend

  1. Excellent set of troiku Kim. It’s a real joy to read and re-read these troiku. Both are telling a wonderful story in which strenght and ‘weakness’ (I don’t know the ‘soft’ opposite of strenght) are in a wonderful balance.

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