as a cat watching a butterfly or a falling leaf after a restless night of heat twisted in the sweaty sheet until the sky cracked and light crept under my half- closed eyelids now I am still as the leaves and the grass held by morning coolness Kim M. Russell, 25th July 2019 My response […]

After April

After April rain that’s washed into May, sun illuminates the sparkling garden embroidered with a foam of daisies and brassy dandelion buttons. I find one last withered snowdrop, a survivor from the yellow flood, breathe air encouraging and fresh with growth while I stop and listen to a chiffchaff chuckling a tune, a song that […]

In the Street of the Sky – a quadrille

Audacious night is out there scattering poems again like snowflakes, frost or fallen stars, all over the street of the sky. Full of wonder, at the open window, all I can do is watch carefully in case night accidentally drops one in my lap. Kim M. Russell, 23rd August 2018 My response to Imaginary Garden […]

Impressions of Gressenhall

Red bricks echo with the homeless and poor, from the squeak of wrought-iron gate to the heavy fall of knocker on imposing door. They reverberate with hunger, fuelled by gruel and mouse-meagre morsel trails of bread-and-cheese through the corridors of their history. They are organised and counted by the workhouse clock, punctuated with oakum, elbow […]