Joni’s Colours

I listen to her voice paint a light and rainbow coloured folk song about a child whose eyes were bright but would never see, of crayons, trees and love. The colours flow through a Chelsea morning, with crimson beads and yellow curtains and a taxi, as if she’s singing just for me. A little green […]

The Elusiveness of Purple

It’s in the bloom on the skin of a plump plum poised to plop, the fruity sweetness of the drop of a blackberry’s inky stain, the smear of jam on a child’s face, and the smudge in the space between the rich red of sunset and the indigo of night. When the scent of plum […]

Bluebell Wood

Beech trees are coming into leaf, upper limbs foaming with translucent green leaves, softly crimped; all the spaces in between are dusted with bluebells and wood anemones. Lazuline seeps through branches, pools and floods: memories of childhood’s chimeless campanology and carpets of sky. Kim M. Russell, 2018 My response to Poets United Midweek Motif ~ […]

An octave inspired by an article in today’s Times

Draining the Reefs of Colour Algae-nourished coral blooms in vivid hues Spawning a reef of pinks and blues Triggered by length of days And the cycle of the moon In danger of erosion Resulting from pollution Bleaching coral to bone white spectres Draining the reefs of colour   © Kim M. Russell, 2016 Free image found on […]