Turnstone Insomnia

On the rocky shores
of just after midnight
and well before
wave-break of day,
turnstones tip pebbles,
clatter in my head,
and run across
my shipwrecked bed,
drenched with shadow-spray.

Kim M. Russell, 2017

Perpetuum Mobile

Image found on rspb.org.uk

My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Of Insomnia and Sleep

In today’s prompt, Sanaa has shares a quotation from Marcel Proust: ‘A little insomnia is not without its value in making us appreciate sleep, in throwing a ray of light upon that darkness’ and a poem by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, which she says blew her away, entitled ‘Insomnia’.

Sanaa asks if we have ever found ourselves lying awake in bed at night, waiting for sleep to come, when our brains refuse to shut their mouths. For today’s challenge, she wants us to write a poem about insomnia.


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