Summer Shades

Sky of robin egg blue
splits; zigzags crack across its shell,
spill sun, a yellow yolk, a glue
uniting buttercup and gorse.
Midas rays riffle ponds and pools,
spark mayfly nymphs that break
the surface like gilded bubbles
in their ghostly mating rituals.
Sunlight joins the dance,
dives into chickweed,
surfaces to gleam
on slippery emerald moss,
then disappears
into a dusk of forest green.

Kim M. Russell, 2017


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A poem for dVerse Poets Pub Open Link Night


37 thoughts on “Summer Shades

    1. Yes, they are robin eggs! There was a robin in the garden today. I also found a crushed white egg that fell from the bay tree, which is being removed soon as the roots are threatening the house.

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  1. Midas rays….wonderful. This poem is so full of colors and life! It made me want to go outside and dance but it is too hot right now. I too like my routine but will be making up prompts for Haibun Monday and writing – of course

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    1. Thanks Toni. I haven’t written any haiku for Carpe Diem for a while because of exam marking so I think I’ll be doing some catching up over the next couple of weeks, as well as writing some poems for submission to competitions. I also need to get out for some exercise!


      1. After spending so much time at the nursing home I find myself restless as well. I used to write for Carpe Diem but found myself not caring for many of the prompts nor for the “haiku” written. I prefer to write my haiku on my own.


  2. A fantastic song of solstice–brilliant word-smithing pakintikng images, dancing to unheard vibrations; lovely in every way–a honeysuckle embrace for each of our sets of lips, a halcyon hug before the break.

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  3. I love this comparison at the beginning of the cracked blue egg and yolk and the cracked blue sky and sun. Also this:
    “spark mayfly nymphs that break
    the surface like gilded bubbles
    in their ghostly mating rituals.”

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  4. Ah you brought back my England. It was like that the first time I saw her – in late April going out to Exeter, past Plymouth, through Taunton and down to Penzance. Yes, the egg opened and the sky thrilled, the gorse had no kissers but it was all kissing me through the window on the train.


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