A South London Heaven

Across the football pitch on this side of the rails is wild fennel and long grass: a jungle for snails. There’s a wild damson tree, hawthorn and crab apples, where we lie, you and me, below leafy dapples. In summer there’s sunshine, in winter there’s snow; I love spring and autumn, when trees bloom and […]

Spring Sirens

Titanic waves dash shallow dunes, Whipping marram and couch grass Into whistling spring-tide siren tunes. Surges pulverise heaven and earth And sculpt the beach into a curve. The suicidal tidal moon surfs Across the restless sea and laughs As cottages tumble down the street Shore bound, where the elements meet, And disintegrate in gushing foam: […]

Winter Ghosts

Bereft of winter ghosts, I dreamed all spring and sleepwalked through the summer until I noticed leaves and colours turning and suddenly the world was burning. Now tendrils of smoke are curling, twisting into shapes of ghosts and ghouls; damp rises from the earth each morning, creeping misty wraiths and lonely souls. All Hallows Eve […]