Spring Sirens

Titanic waves dash shallow dunes,
Whipping marram and couch grass
Into whistling spring-tide siren tunes.
Surges pulverise heaven and earth
And sculpt the beach into a curve.
The suicidal tidal moon surfs
Across the restless sea and laughs
As cottages tumble down the street
Shore bound, where the elements meet,
And disintegrate in gushing foam:
The spring tides swallow hearth and home.

Kim M. Russell, 2017

Sea Palling coastline after the storm

My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads: On Poetry, Writing & Metaphor – Dreaming with Stacie

This week, Stacie has told us about an article she read over at WriterUnboxed.com that got her thinking about the use of metaphor in writing. She believes that language can never really exist separately from images and sounds in our minds and that there will always be points of intersection as we read and experience any text. She asked why poetry seems to be the medium that contains the most powerful and most universal metaphors for human experience. To answer that, she had to look back at some of her favourite books on poetry, which she has shared with us, together with the insights she took from them.

Stacie has invited us to write a poem based on a specific metaphor. Rather than assigning one to us, she would like us to be guided by our senses. She wants us to take a few moments to sit quietly and focus on an image, a sound, or a smell around us. Which one draws our attention most? Why? What are the words we think of when we see/hear/smell it?

As I live not far from the North Norfolk coast, where we recently had severe flood warning, I focused on a past experience with spring tides.


16 thoughts on “Spring Sirens

  1. The suicidal tidal moon surfs
    Across the restless sea and laughs

    I feel like these lines give away an omen.. perhaps throwing caution to the wind.. Beautifully done!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your lyrical poem stimulates the senses to imagine the high tide upon the shore. I especially enjoyed the elements of rhyme you included.


  3. In these days of turmoil, I appreciate poetry that shows us the guts of destruction–terrible beauty and everything–for it reminds me that even the most powerful storms have to end, and we’ll be there to make homes of driftwood.


  4. Beautifully written, Kim! Exactly the kind of sensual, personal experience where metaphor is at its richest & most powerful. Nature also seems unbreakable from human experience, for in it & of it we were born. Thanks for sharing your voice!

    Liked by 1 person

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