Billie on a Sunday Morning

It’s a quarter past six
on a Sunday morning.
October darkness sits
heavy as a blanket,
waiting for first light
to gently lift it.
Strains of Billie
curl into a hug
like raspberry flavoured
steam from my mug
of tea. The cats have been fed,
husband is tucked up in bed,
I’m alone with Billie, sipping tea
and chewing on some lines of poetry.

Kim M. Russell, 6th October 2019

A poem for Poets United Poetry Pantry

53 thoughts on “Billie on a Sunday Morning

    1. Good morning, Sarah! Not long after I posted the poem, it started to rain heavily. Mojo is back indoors and Luna is sheltering in the log store. A miserable day, but I’m warm and snug inside. 🙂

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  1. A fine waking repast: tea, Billie, cold and poetry. I’ve been an early riser for decades, finding the hours before dawn the most choice for reading and writing. Love how you curled up in all that travels inward here while embracing the home which affords it.

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    1. Thank you, Brendan. I just can’t stay in bed much after five. I love the spreading of light in the sky, birdsong, peace and solitude – nothing better for reading and writing.

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    1. Early morning is the best time for me to write, Robin. Besides, I can’t stay asleep after five, so I’m usually up well before six. My husband still works so he loves a bit of a lie-in at the weekend.

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      1. I would have loved to have sent you some of our rain yesterday. Today was overcast and dry and the floods have subsided. Power cut is also over. Hopefully we’re back to normal. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Ron. I’m late in reading and commenting due to unforeseen flooding, sandbags and much gasping. Rain has subsided now and we’ll think about shifting the sandbags in the morning, before we try to get out of the drive!

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  2. It is finally cool here this morning! But it will get hot again tomorrow. I am enjoying oatmeal with an apple chopped in it and walnuts. Actually it is lunch as I do not eat anything before noon. I love your morning. I love miserable days the most. No music, just the ticking of the clock and the hourly cuckoo can be heard.

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    1. Thank you, Toni. I also love miserable days. However, today turned into a disaster, with torrential rain and flooding. We had to get the sandbags out – lucky we had them! Roads were closed, one local supermarket’s car park flooded and the roof leaked, and a car submerged under a railway bridge had two bicycles caught on its roof! many roads were closed and cars had to be abandoned. So far, power hasn’t been affected, so I’m typing as fast as I can, although the rain has subsided.

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  3. I love Raspberry leaf tea too, Kim. It’s so soothing just like your poem. A sweet picture of contentment you portrayed here and I enjoyed the audio of Billie singing of love. Sorry about the flooding but glad you were equipped with sandbags!

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