Ancient Roads

beneath the tarmac
ancient footprints left behind
forever frozen

Kim M. Russell, 6th October 2019

Image result for Roman footprints found in the UK
An ancient Roman footprint

My response to Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #105 Turn Back Time

For the first weekend meditation of October 2019, when we are celebrating Carpe Diem’s 7th anniversary, we have a new feature: ‘Turn Back Time’; we’re revisiting challenges we’ve had in the past.

This weekend we are revisiting ‘Ancient Road’, for which the title was taken from a haiku by Yosa Buson (1716-1784):

furumichito kikeba yukashiki yukino shita

“An ancient road,” they say
How charming
Though beneath this snow.

Yosa Buson

The goal of this special feature is to create a Japanese poem, like haiku or tanka, inspired by either the haiku by Buson or this one by Basho:

waving long grass
all that remains of ancient warriors
trace of dreams

Basho (Tr. Chèvrefeuille)

4 thoughts on “Ancient Roads

    1. Somewhere in the UK. We have quite a lot, some still under buildings and roads – most of our main roads follow the original Roman ones, Archaeologists seem to find evidence of the Romans pretty much every year.

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