October Banquet

Air and leaves are not yet crisp
but dampened by drizzle.
Still waiting for blustery autumnal
air, the forest glimmers and jostles
with lichens and leafy colour,
glossy conkers, russet apples,
bright red hips and haws: a fine
October banquet for birds and squirrels.

Kim M. Russell, 7th October 2019

Image result for Paintings artwork and photography October colour birds and squirrels
Image found on Pinterest

My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads October: When Poets Dream, Lament and Sing

Sanaa is our host this Monday. She shares Hal Borland’s and Maud Montgomery’s thoughts on a favourite time of the year and a poem by W.S. Mervin, entitled ‘The Love for October’, which really spoke to me. Sanaa wants us to take inspiration from all three and write a poem about October, choosing our own form or writing in free verse. I seem to have written an octet-quadrille!

31 thoughts on “October Banquet

  1. Such exquisite images in this one, Kim! ❤️ I especially love; “the forest glimmers and jostles with lichen and leafy colour,” thank you so much for writing to the prompt 😍😍

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