(found in a scientific article) Trespassing algae slip inside, make no attempt to hide their intimate intentions. The salamander eggs are secure from the Ambystoma egg lovers – they only want a cuddle and some warmth. It’s a win-win situation: the algae feast on waste of nitrogen and carbon seeping from the eggs, photosynthesising oxygen, a […]

Breathing Space

minds need oxygen space in which to breathe circles around a living tree with green lungs for green minds breathing space in which to grow circulating, flowing and growing inspiring spiral steps from level to level increase aspiration to become trees with green minds breathing space in which to grow circulating and growing breathing space © Kim […]

Midnight Drawing

The sleeping artist’s finger smears bright chalk on night’s murk of monochrome shadows. The artist is at work, splashing golds and blues in a dream’s inky hues, scribbling phantasmal figments in glimmering pigments that explode like chrysanthemums and burn like red hot geraniums across the canvas sheets and evaporate with the onset of morning light. […]