Winter Pink

At sunrise, the moon continues to glow,
an orb suspended above bare branches,

sparkling with frost and promising snow.
Cracks in the grey let in the watery light

of a new day, and soon enough the sky pinks
and tourmalines reflect from frozen dew.

Kim M. Russell, 16th December 2019

Winter Pink

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Quadrille: There’s a Shine to the Season!

Lillian is our host for the final Quadrille of 2019, and she glows with thoughts of warmth and light in winter darkness.  She says that she enjoys getting her home ready for the Christmas season and tells us about her ‘memory tree’ and its ornaments made by children, grandchildren, and even one made by her brother many years ago.

Lill also shares interesting historical facts about the church her family attends, Paul Revere’s church, built in 1723, and describes its Christmas tree. She says that the church literally glows inside. And that’s the word for this last quadrille, the word, or a form of the word, ‘glow’.

39 thoughts on “Winter Pink

  1. Ah Kim….you have painted a glowing scene indeed. Here in Boston, it is hard to still see the moon when the sun is rising….but I’ve often had that happen in the expansive sky over the ocean in Provincetown on Cape Cod. I adore the soft pinks that can come….much prefer to the fiery reds and oranges that sometimes make me think the sky is angry! Beautifully writ…a glowing scene indeed.

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    1. Oh those shades of grey – I know them well! We’ve been lucky with our colourful skies lately but, as they say, ‘red sky in the morning, shepherd’s warning’.


    1. We’ve had less wind and more chill just lately. The forecasters have said there won’t be snow at Christmas, but I don’t believe them, especially as we will be driving down to Hampshire on Friday and driving back on Sunday – anything can happen!


  2. Our sunrises from the east over our Cascade mountains are fiery, like the volcanoes they illuminate. I did see some pink ones off Hilo in Hawaii. I love it when sun and moon share the horizon.

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