New Day Dawning

Eerie moonlight lingers
among broken trees
and last night’s feathered singers’
dwindling melodies
descend into kaleidoscopic
dreams, leak into pointillistic
skyscapes of fading stars,
scattering promises
of dew and dawn
and the breath
of a brand-new day.

Kim M. Russell, 17th December 2019

Image result for free images pointillistic skyscapes of fading stars
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My response to dVerse Poets Pub Poetics: New Year – New World

Mish is our host today, with poems by Rumi and Jo Harjo, and the invitation to wave a magic wand, create and describe a ‘new world’. She says we can write from a general perspective or focus on one particular scene, but we should avoid a specific political view, keeping it simple or taking our readers to Utopia.

20 thoughts on “New Day Dawning

  1. Kim, you and Lillian both incorporated kaleidoscope into your poems, which is very interesting as it isn’t a word often seen in poetry. I like the way each of you used it. I get a feeling of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds with yours, with a hallucinogenic transformation of dimmed light to a Vincent Van Gogh painting. See how you inspired me 🙂

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  2. You had me at /leak into pointillistic skyscapes of fading stars/. This does remind me of Ken Kessey and Timothy Leary, with a pinch of Joni Mitchell; our 60’s dreams for the future–not the one we presently inhabit.

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