dVerse Christmas Gifts

Merry Christmas, aged librarian,
your gift is wrapped in rosemary and thyme
to protect your memories from mould and dust
and enhance your sparkling metaphor and rhyme.

This Christmas gift, Boris,
is wrapped in a hanky;
we can’t afford wrapping,
so please don’t be cranky.
We need all our money
to rescue the country
from unscrupulous grabbers
like you and Trumpy.

Season’s greetings, dVerse Poets
gathered in the pub,
my gift to you is another year
of prompts and poems wrapped with love
and Alternative Santa by Roger McGough.

Kim M. Russell, 19th December 2019

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Meet the Bar with Gift Rhymes

Björn is our host for this last prompt before the dVerse Poets Pub has a break. He says that he thought we would do something for the season and he also wanted to share a tradition from Sweden, which is putting a little simply rhymed verse on gifts, which hint at the content – similar to riddles. Coincidentally, I write verses in the greetings cards I send.

Björn goes on to explain that, In Sweden, the verses are often extended to radio and newspapers, where imagined gifts are given to various politicians and celebrities with a rhyme.

Today, Björn would like us to write rhymes for gifts (real or imagined) to someone close or to a famous person.

30 thoughts on “dVerse Christmas Gifts

    1. Thank you so much, Bjorn! Although I planned to write a gift rhyme for the aged librarian as soon as I read the prompt, I wrote the Boris one first as the election was still very much on my mind. The dVerse Poets one popped into my head when I’d finished writing the first two, and then I remembered the Roger McGough poem and it all kind of fell into place.


    1. Thank you very much, Jade. I’m looking forward to tomorrow. I wish Scotty could beam me there, it’s such a long journey, but so worth it! Have a wonderful break and I’ll see you in 2020! (Will it really be 2020? It feels so sci-fi.)

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  1. Tis the Season, and the Pub throbs with good cheer. I loved the Boris + Trumpy one of course. Believe it or not, I didn’t go politico with this prompt.

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