Waiting for the Wind

The sky above the fields is patched with clouds; the pale and wild blue yonder gapes through ragged holes, wrestling with purple mist to peep, making promises it may never keep. All the while, the green hill’s spine is stretched out on the far horizon, where it meets with heaven smiling at the steadfast grass […]


Dawdling spring starts to lift winter’s dreich and brumy veil from saturated inky hills, revealing cobalt palimpsests on elephantine grey. Outcrops of land-slid indigo form walls dividing pitch and roll, cross ragged seams of paths and tracks through brown and ochre soil riddled with lumps of flint and shale. In the distance, a sliver of […]


sun-blasted pasture craves cloud a satisfying sip of shadow withered grass gasps a long rattling breath in the meadow stretches a dusty lustreless tongue across burning red soil and licks the sea Kim M. Russell, 2017 Mi Young Lee My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Bits Of Inspiration ~ Mi Young Lee Susie […]