Waiting for the Wind

The sky above the fields is patched
with clouds; the pale and wild blue
yonder gapes through ragged holes,
wrestling with purple mist to peep,
making promises it may never keep.

All the while, the green hill’s spine
is stretched out on the far horizon,
where it meets with heaven
smiling at the steadfast grass
seeds, waiting for the wind to pass

and pluck them from their fragile heads,
scatter them skyborne, gustily spread.

Kim M. Russell, 21st May, 2019


My response to dVerse Poets Pub Poetics: Ekphrastic poems – Mary Frances, also linked to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Tuesday Platform, also linked to earthweal open link weekend #70

Sarah is our host this Tuesday, together with an artist she found on Twitter called Mary Frances, a UK-based artist working with photographs, found materials, collage, and cut-up texts.

Sarah has provided links to examples of her recent work.  She has also shared some of her Twitter art, which she finds inspirational, particularly her tiny, found landscapes, which Sarah says are like stage sets for a folktale. She asks us to choose pictures that speak to us and write poems for them.

56 thoughts on “Waiting for the Wind

    1. Especially where I love, Bjorn, the sky is so bad at keeping promises – it was clear and blue today, the sun was shining, but there was and is such a chill.,


  1. Mmm… I love days with the right balance of clouds and wind. I know it’s heresy for a suburbanite to like any sort of free floating seed that might invade a carefully manicured lawn, but I love seeing them fly.

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  2. Your lovely poem is a perfect match to the art work. Ekphrasis is always fun, a kick start for any number of poetics. I took one of her links to find my favorite image.

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    1. Thank you, Glenn,. I enjoy ekphrastic writing. I used to write regularly for Visual Verse but I couldn’t keep up with all the different prompts.


  3. Ah, these well-wrought images are glorious in this panoramic view. This is excellent: “the green hill’s spine/is stretched out on the far horizon,/where it meets with heaven/smiling at the steadfast grass/seeds”.
    Beautifully written, Kim! It represents the source of inspiration so very well.

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  4. This was nice reading, it fit us nicely. Our wind this weekend was so strong that it blew the petals off our Lily of the Nile plant. It was blowing clouds north very fast, I like to watch fast moving clouds. These were filled with water from the Gulf (of Mexico) to dump on North Texas and Oklahoma. Mo rain here.

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  5. I think you have truly captured the beauty of the photo. This part is my favorite.

    All the while, the green hill’s spine
    is stretched out on the far horizon,
    where it meets with heaven

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  6. Wonderful how life stretches out to the accommodations of earthly forces to make itself known and endure — fine way of saying it here! The observing eye loving, painterly, pleased with the news. -B

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