Deirdre’s Accordian – a poem on Visual Verse

I am delighted that Visual Verse chose to include my poem on page 30 of the latest issue, Volume 10 Chapter 7. The image is not a modern or surreal one, as they often are, but a classical painting by John Everett Millais. It really caught my imagination and that of the other contributors. All the pieces, prose and poetry, are fantastic. I recommend reading them all – or you can go directly to my poem ‘Deirde’s Accordian‘. And yes, I spotted the typo in the opening line, about which I am deeply embarrassed!


13 thoughts on “Deirdre’s Accordian – a poem on Visual Verse

  1. Beautiful and fairy-tale like poem.
    I don’t know about the opening lines, but these closing lines :”But Deirdre followed her little sister to kept her forever entertained -” , I believe it should be to ‘keep’? Not meaning to intrude, and forgive me if the mistake is mine. I absolutely hate when I make an error, do not spot it cause reading the poem 900 times, and no one tells me about it.

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      1. I feel the same way too, and glasses are mandatory these days. Also, the spell checkers spoiled me, your word is spelled correctly, just the tense is wrong – so nothing will alert to the mistake. I am glad if I could help, the poem is beautiful 🙂

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