Little Star

It doesn’t matter if you forget
the positions of stars in the night sky;
the delicate pattern of freckles on your skin
is a map of constellations from which I will sing
fairy tales, nursery rhymes and lullabies
to the music of the galaxies.

Kim M. Russell, 24th June 2018

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My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Micro Poetry: It Doesn’t Matter,  also linked to Poets United Poetry Pantry

Kerry says that the object of this challenge is to write a poem of between one and twelve lines, in a form of our choice, and our point of departure is the line: “It doesn’t matter” from ‘Come, Come, Whoever You Are’ by Rumi.

I have visited my daughter and grandson this weekend. I took him a baby glockenspiel and wrote this for him.

52 thoughts on “Little Star

  1. I LOVE this, and the image – and that you took him a glockenspiel…………there is nothing like the arival of a new baby to restore hope in one’s heart. Our family has one arriving in a month! My third great-grandchild.

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  2. And me? I never remembered them to start.
    Liked the progression here. Thanks, it read nice.
    BTW, we visited our oldest grandaughter this weekend. It was our youngest great-gtanddaughter’s first birthday.

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