10th October 1992 (unplugged)

10th October 1992 (unplugged)

(a traced poem inspired by ‘Moment’ by Carol L. Gloor)

At the moment of our reunion,
I am cooking vegetarian lasagne.
No meat, no male scent
in this house of females, only
the exhaust of distance.
I hadn’t seen you in twenty years.
I recognised you,
the younger you I left behind.
I am back from
another life, Sauerkraut,
Rhine wine and Pils.
When I answered the phone
your familiar voice
sounded like I was finally home.

Kim M. Russell, 18th October 2018

My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Micro Poetry: Notebook Poetry

Kerry says that the object of the micro poetry challenge has always been to write a poem of between one and twelve lines in a form of our choice. For the month of October, she is expanding on this idea: as it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, she’s doubling the number of lines and she would like us to return to the comfort of pen and paper in a similar way to #inktober on Instagram.

Kerry would love to see photos of our work written in our own handwriting or some kind of graphic representation of our poems. I have written out a poem I posted this week on dVerse Open Link Night and was originally written as an exercise for The Poetry School Decisive Moment Studio. .

19 thoughts on “10th October 1992 (unplugged)

  1. Ah, this is lovely in its memory — the details of such moments are always remembered in their vividness and the sepia-toned edge of their feelings. I loved that ending with the sound of that voice making you feel that you are home. Beautiful!

    “No meat, no male scent/in this house of females”: On a lighter note, is this what we call utopia?! 🙂

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  2. Again, I must say I am finding the double reading offers a different take on the poem.. somehow the handwriting has its own tone. I recognize the moment you have captured.. one should expect that voice from the past at some time in one’s life.. always a doubled-edged sword.

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