Lovely As

A poem lovely as flight
is when I can follow the light
of sun, moon or stars, navigate
the earth’s magnetic field,
exploring new paths revealed
like a bird, and always know
my flyway home.

Kim M. Russell, 16th August 2018

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My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Micro Poetry: A Poem Lovely As

Kerry is hosting this Thursday with a micro poetry challenge, the object of which is to write a poem of between one and twelve lines in a form of our choice. The point of departure is the line: ‘A poem lovely as…’ taken from ‘Trees’ by Joyce Kilmer.


20 thoughts on “Lovely As

  1. oh yeah, jumping up and down, as Toni said, and Sherry, and HA and yeah …. wow Kim – great poem, the use of the elements, the sense of flight and adventure (wonderful contrast) and then knowing “flyaway home” – that totally rocks it. Awesome.

    (great poem about birds, flight, and I really like how you’ve used it as a personal metaphor, with such magnetic resonance; and oh well, homing pigeons are fascinating, truly intelligent birds, but to soar and swoop and dip like swallows? I think those are swallows, I’ve seen this image before, it’s totally awesome – anyhow … really tight poem Kim!)


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