Union Jack

A contentious
piece of cloth, with its overlay
and interplay of saintly crosses,
is so officious
and proud in its red, white and blue,
curling its tail
against the winds of change.
When it stands together
with a commonwealth of banners,
it waves on the skies of the world*.

Kim M. Russell, 16th August 2018

Image result for union jack curling in the wind

My response to Poets United Midweek Motif ~ National Flag(s)

Susan says flags are beautiful and reminds us that many of us sing patriotic songs in front of flags. She asks has given us some inspirational quotations and poems to help us write new poems about a nation’s flag and what it stands for, including a description of the flag in our poems.

*“When you set a good example to the world, you become a flag
waving on the skies of the entire world!”     ― Mehmet Murat ildan


22 thoughts on “Union Jack

  1. Oh. Out of all the flags, that is perhaps the most contentious one after all.
    “curling its tail/against the winds of change”: This is so well-penned, reflective of this mindset which wants to live in the history books of former glories and power-wielding atrocities.

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  2. “curling its tail”–how alive this poem! You’d think this flag would be an old cat by now–but not this one–it is the proud cat, somewhat aloof, that believes it owns us all. Mighty fine personification! (I hope my comment doesn’t offend you.)

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  3. Often flags do try to say too much in writing history lessons as well a reminder which country you are in. Perhaps they should imply a sense of belonging rather than bragginng about the past.

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