It’s Raining

my win-
there are drops
of rain again. One cat
came in soaked, the other
has been chasing dribbles,
and the washing will have
to wait until tomorrow –
unless it’s raining


Kim M. Russell, 2nd February 2020

Rain in Sepia

My response to Poets and Storytellers United Writers’ Pantry #5: A Tiny Light at the End of the Plastic Tunnel

Magaly’s back in the inky Pantry and enthusing about New York’s Bag Waste Reduction Law, which goes into effect at the beginning of March. The supermarkets over here in the UK have been promoting bags for life for quite a while now, and we have several. My favourite is a lovely retro Tesco’s bag.

The Writers’ Pantry is an open link event, where we may share poems, stories, letters, articles or slices of life, old or new.

35 thoughts on “It’s Raining

  1. You, my sweetest and super talented, Kim, have put so much in drop–I can see the rain, the cats going about their rainy day, the speaking observing life happening… I love it all, especially her willingness to keep on living, regardless of what tomorrow brings.

    Love the structure.

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  2. I identified with your poem! Today the sun is shining for the first time in a LONG string of overcast and gloomy days. The sky is cloudless and a beautiful azure and the cardinal at my birdfeeder is a brilliant splash of red.

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  3. Kim, my mother would comment, “Amen!!”. Besides just drying in the rain, she also had to drive herself and me to Grandma’s house, about a mile away. Our long farmplace lane was just plain dirt, no gravel. I.e. mud on rainy days. Those days, from infant to age five, visiting with my Grandma was the best.
    I like it too, having memories being brought to front. Sorry I’m so late getting here.

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