beach diamonds
a new day crystallized
in sunny surf foam

Jane Reichhold
­                                                         caught in the curl of a wave
­                                                         rolled by a whisper of wind
dervishes whirling
– seeking a higher consciousness
third eye opens

­                                                         red sun on the horizon
­                                                         observing a fresh new world
watch birth and death:
the lotus has already
opened its flower

Soseki Natsume (Tr. Soiku Shigematsu)
­                                                         woken by a drop of dew
­                                                         slipping between its petals
The wind from Mt. Fuji
I put it on the fan.
Here, a souvenir from Edo

Basho (Tr. Ryu Yotsuya)
­                                                         a treasure kept for summer
­                                                         susurration of late snow
cold spring breeze
makes the cherry blossom shiver
one heartbeat long

­                                                         a flurry of pink petals
­                                                         courtesans blush with delight
flute melodies
across green ocean waves
spring meadows

Jane Reichhold
­                                                         the sweet scent of sakura
­                                                         riding a whisper of wind

­                                                         Kim M. Russell, 2nd February 2020

Image result for japanese courtesans with fans and cherry blossom

My response to Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #114 Renga With: beach diamonds

In this weekend’s meditation the challenge is to create a renga with several haiku poets by adding the two-lined stanzas to each given haiku. We may choose our own sequence but must start with the first given haiku: ‘beach diamonds, by Jane Reichhold.

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