American Sentences Quadrille

We huddled by the Hudson, under a black umbrella.
Shoes leaked, Miss Liberty was draped in cloud.
Open brollies mushroomed in open-topped buses.
Dodging puddles on Fifth Avenue, we found shelter under awnings.
New York dripped in my ears, American sentences in the rain.

Kim M. Russell, 22nd May 2018

Image result for New York Battery Park and the Statue of Liberty in the Rain Pinterest

Another poem for this week’s dVerse Poets Pub Quadrille. This time it’s a re-worked version of a poem I posted back in April 2017. As my one and only visit to New York was over 16 years ago, I’ve used an image from Pinterest.

34 thoughts on “American Sentences Quadrille

  1. Rhythm of raindrops here and all the visuals of seeing nothing of New York under umbrellas and mist – only the American accents dripping into your ears give the locale

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  2. Am smiling, as you poetically describe the scene of a NYC rainstorm. Especially, the verse of “Open brollies mushroomed in open-topped buses.” I can picture the scene in my mind’s eye.

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