Amongst other things, cats on the mat

The mouse left on the mat
is a present from big cat;
she seems to think I’m partial
to a rodent, cheeky rascal,
and doesn’t understand me
when I find dead birds unsavoury.
But sometimes she is clever
and leaves me just a feather.

When I’m tucked up in my bed,
little cat sits by my head,
purring loudly in my ear
as if she’s in fifth gear.
In the morning, when I’m hazy,
she can’t stand to see me lazy,
by five o’clock she’s tapping
on my face to stop me napping.

Kim M. Russell, 22nd May 2018

Luna and Mojo (big and little cat)

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Poetics: Real Life Humor

Our guest host this Tuesday is Mark Walters, who wants us to find our funny bones.

He says that writing light-hearted poetry can encourage him during stressful times and much of his poetry comes from life events that happened to him. He wants us to draw on real life to find our inspiration, and use both truth and fiction in our ‘real life adventures’. We must however, centre the cores of our stories on actual events that we experienced personally, and keep embellishment to a minimum.

He also shares a poem called ‘There’s a Gopher in the Garden’ by Jack Prelutsky, whose first anthology of poetry was based on personal experience

35 thoughts on “Amongst other things, cats on the mat

  1. Oh I adore this! I used to have a BIG cat who would go the neighbor’s and steal a small green tomato or small squash with the bloom astached. He ate blueberries and watermelon. I love that your two kitties are such good friends.

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    1. It was touch and go when we first got Mojo as Luna was still pining for her mother, Tosca, who died two years ago on 24th May. Luna wouldn’t play with the little kitten when I first brought her home. But now they are best friends. 😉


  2. Sounds pretty darn annoying, but that image of the single feather is a cute trick, I’ll admit. Just enough for you to know what her hunting prowess was capable of. I once dogsat a Great Dane who had to be covered by her blanket in her bed right next to the owner’s bed. She’d toss in her sleep kicking off the blanket but then would awaken (cold??) and would whine until I covered her up again. Five or six times throughout the night. Now THAT is an obnoxious pet.

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  3. Love this one, Kim. The rhyming is so fun and you’ve really nailed it on the head in terms of cat behavior. Years ago we had cats on our farmland…those especially brought us little “gifts.” Wen we moved to Iowa City, we had a cat for many years….she would wake us up by jumping on the bed and then “kneading” us on the chest. I do recall the scratchiness of her tongue if she would lick us! 🙂

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